8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane

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3. Alcohol

If you’re going to see a relative and were planning on bringing a bottle of wine, good news! They are allowed if they are in their unopened packaging. If you want to bring more than one, you have to check with your airline to confirm the limits of how many bottles you can take.

4. Spreadable foods

The liquid rule doesn’t only refer to fluids that you can pour because anything that’s not solid is basically treated as liquid. That means, unfortunately, you can’t take the peanut butter with you on the plane. But if you intend to make a sandwich before the flight to take it with you, a container of spreadable food must be less than 3.4 oz. And yes, that container can be taken with you!

5. Stinky food

Sometimes airline food is pretty bad or not even offered. So you might want to take something with you to munch on until you arrive at your destination. But please be respectful and leave the fish or other smelly foods like salami at home. If you’re really hungry, get some bagels or a croissant.

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1 thought on “8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane”

  1. …and maybe your little nail scissors. In Seoul, they confiscated mine! I mean, really, like I’m going to commandeer an airplane with my nail scissors. lol.


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