Melania Trump: Top 3 Best and WORST Moments in Her Life

melania trump
Photo by Debby Wong from Shutterstock

As the turbulent years of Donald Trump’s administration have passed, one person has continuously held the public’s attention, both for good and bad reasons: First Lady Melania Trump.

Every American must know her. She’s the third wife of the 45th president and the mother of Barron, Trump’s youngest son. Her time spent in the White House has been marked by ill-timed eye rolls, out-of-touch moments, and obviously glamorous clothes.

Melania Trump had to face some difficult challenges during her husband’s presidency. She was diagnosed with COVID-19; former friends reveal details about her private life in tell-all books, and every time her husband did or said something outrageous, she tried to distance herself from his rhetoric.

Here are the top 3 best and worst moments of Melania Trump’s life!

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