3 Things Putin and Hitler Have in Common

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Did you ever think that there is something similar between Putin and Hitler?

Because you wouldn’t be the only one! Ever since the war in Ukraine broke out almost a year ago, on February 24, many people have taken to liking the two political figures. At every protest since the war began, there have been at least a few pickets with Putin caricatured as Hitler or in some way resembling the two, either by combining their names or other collages of the two. But is there any merit to this likening?

If we draw the line, the two have more things in common than most people would give them credit for. For starters, they are both dictators in one way or another. And while some of you may say that Putin is not a dictator like Hitler was, both of them have used democracy, undermined it to get to the top, and then done everything they could to keep power. This is just one of the most obvious things they have in common and we will look at it in detail soon!

To dispel the myth, we have gathered the facts and brought you the ways in which the two are truly alike! And the truth is more shocking than you would think!

Keep reading to find out what the true similarities are between Hitler and Putin!

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