5 Most Popular Orders at YOUR Favorite Fast Food Chains

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Fast-food chain restaurants are extremely popular in the United States. According to IBIS World, our country has over 20,000 restaurants. But why are Americans such big fans of fast food?

Well, if we were to answer this question, we would say that the number one reason is the “fast” factor. You get your food immediately. There’s no need to wait, especially when you don’t have this much time. The second reason is diversity. There are plenty of choices available for you, from burgers to fries and shrimp.

According to a recent Popmenu study, 50% of those who consume fast food eat at these restaurants two or more times a week. But even if the marketing campaigns made some items well-known, such as McDonald’s Big Mac, it doesn’t mean that they are the best-selling products of that restaurant.

Let’s discover some of the most popular menu entries at the biggest fast-food chains in America.

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