5 Most Popular Orders at YOUR Favorite Fast Food Chains

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Photo by JJava Designs from Shutterstock

3. Taco Bell (Crunchwrap Supreme)

Taco Bell gained popularity in the US pretty quickly because of its unique Tex-Mex style and also because it has affordable prices. Really, if you plan to have a delicious Mexican-inspired dinner, you can try Taco Bell for an easy, delicious, and cheap meal. More than that, this restaurant has many locations that are open 24/7. So, if you feel hungry but are worried that you can’t find anything open during these late hours, Taco Bell is here for you.

Now, let’s take a look at their most popular item on the menu: the Crunchwrap Supreme. This wrap has an innovative concept that combines nacho cheese sauce, seasoned beef, a tostada shell, and salads all wrapped up in a classic tortilla. It sounds delicious, if you ask us.

Then, the Crunchwrap Supreme became really popular because it gained traction on social media. At some point, it was everywhere, and this was a very big part of their marketing strategy.

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