5 Most Popular Orders at YOUR Favorite Fast Food Chains

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1. McDonald’s (Fries)

Let’s start our list with the biggest fast-food chain in the whole world, McDonald’s. Yep, the company has been on the market since 1955, when it opened the gates of its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Since then, McDonald’s has expanded globally and become what it is today.

If we look at their commercials and what the media tells us about this restaurant, we might be fooled into thinking that the Big Mac is their best-selling item. But this is not the truth. In reality, their most popular item on the menu is none other than the fries. Yep, those golden, crunchy, and tasty fries that go amazing with any dip.

It seems that nobody can resist them, and this has made this simple food the best-selling item at McDonald’s. You can buy them separately, or you can get them with any menu that you order. They are everywhere. If you go to eat at McDonald’s, it is impossible not to get their fries.

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