8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane

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8. Sporting equipment

Baseball bats, bows and arrows, hockey sticks, ski poles, and pretty much any other sporting equipment with sticks is unfortunately prohibited. If you are planning to visit some tourist attractions during the winter, you might consider renting some equipment at your destination. Weirdly enough, roller skates are actually allowed in the bags. But I wouldn’t test my luck with a pair of ice skates!

Note: Baseball bats could be considered a weapon, and that’s why they are not allowed in your bags! 


Don’t pack too much! Even if we’re talking about checked bags or the carry-on ones. If your bags are overweight or oversized, you will pay extra money for them. Don’t forget to check with your airline for the latest information about the handbags. These rules frequently change, especially at these times. Even if the coronavirus pandemic is pretty much gone, there are some states that require special rules.

You might want to buy a small luggage scale to weigh your bags before you leave, and then you will have time to discard or redistribute items in the privacy of your own home rather than at the airport counter. Be wise and you will have the vacation of your dreams!

So what’s the next destination on your list? Tell us in the comments!

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1 thought on “8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane”

  1. …and maybe your little nail scissors. In Seoul, they confiscated mine! I mean, really, like I’m going to commandeer an airplane with my nail scissors. lol.


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