8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane

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What can I take on a plane in the carry-on bag? This is a question most of us ask when we are planning a vacation. The pandemic is over, and now it’s time to have fun. But before that, you might want to take into consideration a few things, you know, just to make sure you will have the desired trip and you won’t have to worry about anything.

There is usually a huge list of things you can pack in your bags, but there are plenty that are forbidden.

Are you aware of the things you aren’t allowed to take on a plane?

Carry-on bags are actually the safest way to keep your things close to you because sometimes checked luggage can be lost.

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1 thought on “8 Things You Aren’t Allowed to Take on a Plane”

  1. …and maybe your little nail scissors. In Seoul, they confiscated mine! I mean, really, like I’m going to commandeer an airplane with my nail scissors. lol.


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