7 Costco Bakery Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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With discounts and special deals on everything from toilet paper to gasoline and kayaks, Costco is like a magnet for bulk-buying deal-hunters. If you have enough space to store 20-pound bags of frozen burritos (although a bit too much, some people still buy them) and 98 rolls of paper towels, the Costco annual membership can save you lots of cash.

There’s a common belief that warehouse store memberships, such as a Costco membership, are only useful for saving money on things with long shelf lives. I’d disagree with this, though. For instance, the bakery aisles at Costco usually offer some pretty killer deals.

You may already know that the warehouse store chain is a go-to for massive pumpkin pies. However, Costco’s bakery has everything from sheet cakes to tiramisu and bagels. And even if 25 fresh croissants are too much for someone who loves pastries, there are some Costco bakery secrets that can help you take full advantage of your membership when it comes to feeding large groups of people—regardless of their short shelf life.

Read on to find out about these secrets!

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