These Are The 7 Most HATED Grocery Stores! Do You Agree?

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The same cannot be said of all supermarkets. Long lineups, unfriendly staff, unsanitary conditions, and a limited selection make going to a chain supermarket for many Americans an enormous headache. Despite the fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic years, online sales were growing super fast, there are still a lot of people who prefer to go in person to buy their favorite products from stores. For you, what’s the best alternative? What method suits you better, and why? Don’t forget to leave a comment with your opinion by the end of the article!

Today we’re going to reveal some of the worst supermarkets in America, and while some may be a surprise for you because you might like some of them, you will definitely agree with the statistics for the rest of them. Are you curious? Let’s start.

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22 thoughts on “These Are The 7 Most HATED Grocery Stores! Do You Agree?”

  1. i do agree with most of these. wal mart especially, i got milk there that went bad by the next day and had a experation date of 2 weeks from the day i bougth it. the fruit on the produce area was pitiful. i usuallty shop at alid, schnucks and sams. all for different things, going from one to another is still better than buying all the things we use at one. i still save money.

  2. 5

    Heh heh heh! Liking the swing toward socialism are ya? Well, sport—YOU AIN’T SEEN NUTHIN YET!

    When you have MONOPOLIES you have no competition…no incentive to please the customers! “TAKE WHAT YOU GET AND LIKE IT” is the mode today. As we progress down the socialist rat hole ADD “IF YOU CAN EVEN GET IT”!

    We had a sample of that not too long ago, didn’t we?? “Well, if I could find it—I’D PAY ANYTHING FOR IT!!”

    Now that we are no longer the United States of America, but just another global colony—we will be bled dry of all and any $$$. HEH HEH HEH! SUCKERS!! Wake the hell UP!

    I grow most of my own food quite easily and enjoyably. Go ahead and fight over that embalmed over-packaged industrial kibble and pay the greedsters dearly for it! See if I care!

    This mocking is a wake up call to you from that sage, Feral Tomm. You are welcome!

  3. 5

    Walmart is at the top of my hated list BECAUSE you have to first a park near enough that you don’t need a computer bus for and then just hope and pray there is a shopping cart! Then you have to constantly dodge or get run over by employees filling orders for people that didn’t want to be there either!! NOW as you shop you notice that the shelves are trashed and the products you wanted are not there because Walmart is PUSHING their store brand on you. Then you have to check yourself out at a counter with no dang bags! What is there to like since I still have to visit two more stores to complete my list??

  4. I don’t know most of these stores but the Safeway i think is a great store except the pricing is high, so I only buy certain items there. The Walmart is good for frozen items because of low pricing other items you have to be careful with but I’ve gotten some good deals there.

  5. We had Pick & Save in my town in southern Wisconsin and I really liked it. I didn’t do all my shopping there because prices were somewhat higher but they had good prices on a lot of items. The produce and meat was great quality and they had a wonderful deli and bakery. It was also one of the cleanest grocery stores in my town.

  6. 4

    Walmart associates are timed for everything that they do on the floor. It isn’t that they don’t want to help people, but they also have to get their jobs done in the allotted time. If you want someone to help you, find a manager, they have plenty of those, lol.

  7. 4

    WALMART Sparkman Dr. Huntsville, Al is Our go to when we need Anything. It has been Re-made over
    top to bottom and We feel it is a store we are Proud to shop at. J. and C. Melton

  8. Agreed. Lucky’s was a great supermarket at one time around 40-50 years ago but now is one of the worst! They sell subpar products and will “substitute” items on sale (I once went to purchase salmon that was on sale but the seafood item in the package was a white fish, although it was labeled as salmon). My wife and I had many arguments with store personnel (location: Larkspur, California) about mispriced items and bait and switch tactics on sale items. We ended up only patronizing the store for urgently needed items since it was close to our home and only if the pricing was legitimate.

  9. I can’t speak for other’s opinions of Safeway, but I must disagree strongly with your statement about Safeway being a bad store. I live in Lake County, which is North of San Francisco and an 1 1/2 hours from Sacramento. It has two Safeway stores one on each side of our Lake. It can be a little pricey, if you don’t shop wisely using coupons, discounts, and sales it is wonderful for our County. It employs many people who live in the County with Union jobs. The pay and benefits are great and quality of meat, produce, organic vegetables, are all great quality. Plus the store is always clean and being cleaned during the day when customers accidentally make a mess. Safeway on the South and North shore are highly used and needed for our County.

  10. Again I disagree that Walmart is hated, while I do agree there are some bad qualities at Walmart it is a lesser of two evils. It’s not Union and they frighten employees with loss of their job, if they complain about it. That’s bad and we are trying to change that, but again the store is important to our County it provides jobs for locals and it is on the South side side of the County. I am a caregiver for the IHSS program, so Walmart is reasonable and convenient for me to shop for my family and clients.

  11. 6

    I only buy pre-packaged goods at Walmart. I NEVER EVER buy meat or produce at Walmart. I save that for our local grocery stores in the Albany, New York area. I had a bad experience with meat and produce once at Walmart and vowed I would never buy those items again there. I do have to say that when I returned a rotten watermelon to Walmart they gave me double my money back.

  12. I home delivery shop at Safeway and I find that they are often out of stock on items that I want and they substitute them with similar items of a much higher price.

  13. I used to shop at a local Walmart neighborhood market because the prices were great, but I never bought meat from them. It always looked a little “shady”.

  14. I love Safeway. I’ve been going there since I was a child. I’m now 74 years old. They’ve always been clean, great produce and superior meat. I come from Northern California to Northern Idaho and now Denver. They continue to be great.

  15. The staff at walmart are the worst at customer service in fact they go out of there way to appear buzy and not looking at you because they fear being ask a question or help to find something.Even the managers or supervisors react angry if asked for something.

  16. 5

    Safeway pushes the covid vaccine which is experamental and has accually caused widespread death and harm,I can’t believe their still pushing this so hard.They must be getting some monitary incentive.

  17. I love Ralph’s- it’s always clean and great sales and very fresh produce/meats/products!!! I hate Target-it’s an overpriced Wal Mart!!! However, I love Super Wal Mart- best of both worlds but not liking the “new” Wal Marts that have hardly any fresh vegetables and limited cold foods that I am seeing pop up more… I would rather see a Neighborhood Wal Mart than these “new” ones. If You want a to buy in bulk without having to pay for a membership there is always Smart and Final and I love Von’s/Albertson’s!!! Awesome places especially with their rewards and sales-between their sale price of $1.47/lb for a turkey and my $7.00 rewards I bought my 14.59/lb Turkey for $14.37 tax included-WOW THANK YOU JESUS AND THANK YOU VON’S!!!

  18. Glad to see Stop & Shop on the top of the list… they just refurbished a bunch of their stores in Massachusetts, and their prices skyrocketed. I won’t go there anymore.


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