7 Dirtiest Grocery Stores in America

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The coronavirus pandemic made most of us extra careful with everything that could put our health at risk. Even if the pandemic seems to be part of the past now, most people still make conscious efforts to stop germs from spreading. This includes washing hands properly, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, and washing produce thoroughly before eating it.

However, even if you do all of these and so much more, it may be almost for nothing when it comes to some grocery stores and supermarkets. Unfortunately, some of them have ranked pretty low in cleanliness ratings, which means they are rather unsafe to shop at.

Some of these grocery stores and supermarkets have either been rated as the least clean by Consumer Reports rankings and/or have been cited for not following safety guidelines.

The chains on this list earned either a poor rating for cleanliness by experts, but we also rounded up the ones with the lowest rankings as well.

Here are the 7 dirtiest grocery stores in America!

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