7 Dirtiest Grocery Stores in America

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7. Stop & Shop

A neighborhood chain for more than a century, Stop & Shop provides a wide range of products with a focus on fresh options at great prices. While the grocery store may claim that its products are fresh and healthy, experts point out that it still has work to do on cleanliness.

While it got a fair rating on cleanliness, the Stop & Shop store only passed 70 on Consumer Report’s reader ratings. The good news is that the Boston-based chain did implement new standards for cleanliness, which included a collaboration with a third-party cleaning service to hit key areas.

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6. Safeway

Safeway is owned by Albertsons and it’s not exactly the safest grocery store to step into (the irony, though). It did get a fair rating on cleanliness, but based on CR’s reader ratings, things aren’t really how they should be. Safeway only passed 72 out of 100 ratings, which isn’t awful, but it does show that the store may have some problems keeping the place clean.

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