These 7 Iconic Fast-Food Items Finally Return This Year

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In case you haven’t noticed, nostalgia is currently all the rage. In the fashion world, we see cardigans, cargo pants, and chockers as hip again. On TV, we’ve got “That’s ’90s Show,” recently on the air, which reminds us of “That’s ’70s Show” which aired a quarter of a century ago. And, finally, at fast-food restaurants across the country in the past few months, we’ve seen many iconic items from the past making a comeback.

But what caused the collective wave of nostalgia to become a thing these days? It may be a response to the stress and privations of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, things usually tend to go in circles, and some fast-food enthusiasts are very, very devoted to campaigning for the return of their favorite meals.

Taco Bell and KFC, two of the chains joining the nostalgia trend, both announced that they made the decision to reintroduce popular, retired items in their menus after hearing all the animated pleas from fans. In KFC’s case, the company will bring back one product that customers have begged for the return of for nearly a decade. Keep reading to find out which product it is!

Without further ado, here are 7 iconic fast-food items that will return this year!

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