These 7 Iconic Fast-Food Items Finally Return This Year

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3. KFC Double Down

The Double Down may not be to everyone’s taste, but those who adore it really love it. KFC first introduced the famous unless sandwich in 2010, and it almost immediately sold over 10 million of them. Four years later, the chain brought back the product for a limited time and, most recently, relaunched it for a temporary four-week run starting on March 6.

Anyone who hasn’t tried it yet but is planning to before KFC withdraws it from the menu again should bring a strong appetite: the Double Down has cheese, bacon, and two pieces of fried chicken instead of a traditional bun. And, of course, sauce!

4. Burger King Stackers

Burger King also announced that it will bring back a product that fans have been waiting for its comeback for so long: the Stackers. The beloved burger line was first seen in 2006, and starting in January 2023, it’s ready to be tried again. That’s right, the Double Stacker, Triple Stacker, as well as the infamous Quad Stacker, a really immense portion of beef and cheese, are back again!

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