These 7 Iconic Fast-Food Items Finally Return This Year

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5. Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

In many ways, Taco Bell returning the Mexican Pizza, which happened in September 2022, wasn’t exactly a cause for celebration but rather a righting of a wrong. That’s because most fans of the chain could barely believe it had ever been eliminated from the menu in the first place.

When Taco Bell made the announcement that it will restore Mexican Pizza as a permanent item, a great hole in the fast-food world was finally filled in again. The beloved product was first introduced in 1985.

6. Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger

Similar to the Mexican Pizza, this item came back in late 2022, but it made so many people happy that we’re mentioning it here in 2023. In the latter half of 2022, Wendy’s charmed burger fans everywhere with the big announcement that the Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger was making a comeback on the menu. First seen in 2013 and removed in 2021, only to be brought back in September 2022, it seems that these delicious burgers are here to stay.

7. McDonald’s Bagel Sandwiches

McDonald’s made some tough decisions in 2020, as did most of us during that peak pandemic year. Among those decisions was pulling bagel sandwiches from the menu, which had been introduced all the way back in 1999.

However, in late 2022, with surprisingly few trumpet calls, the fast-food chain brought the sandwiches back on the menu in many markets. They aren’t available nationwide, though—at least not yet.

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