8 Grocery Store Shortages You Might Notice This Summer

Photo by Stanislaw Mikulski from Shutterstock

You might have thought that the pandemic-era shortages are fading away, but no. Now it’s way worse. Besides the pandemic effects, it all started with an ongoing shortage of baby formula because of a wide-ranging manufacturer recall that has been causing hardships for many families in the past months.

Production has been recently resumed at a previously-closed plant. And the crisis is still persistent. And it’s not just the baby formula.

Even if many of the shortages from the pandemic’s early days have reduced, and now we can find plenty of hand sanitizers and toilet paper, consumers are still in a deep struggle to find certain goods, due to the ongoing supply chain snags, production delays, and even extreme weather.

You’ve probably noticed by now what’s missing already from the store’s shelves. If not, these are the products that you’ll have a hard time finding this summer:

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