12 Drinks to Avoid at All Costs!

Photo by soeka from Shutterstock

Are you ready for the most lifestyle-changing conversation of your life? Hear me out: from those “drink-every-day” smoothies to fancy organic energy drinks, what we know about the “healthy” beverages sector has changed over the years. And news flash: there are more unhealthy foods out there than we previously thought.

Surprised? The point is if you manage to get past the vibrant packaging and false promises, you’ll come to the conclusion that some beverages you thought well of, are, in fact, unhealthy.

Even more, sugar-sweetened beverages are the biggest source of added sugars in the American diet. We love juices, in all forms and sizes. But do they love us back? Let’s find out what kind of beverages we should at least TRY to avoid from now on, as they’re not good for us:

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