25 States with the Most Affordable Healthcare Costs

  1. Virginia

Average monthly premium: $475

Average silver deductible: $4,613

Residents of Virginia, “the Mother of States”, can benefit from various healthcare coverage. Some employers even provide their employees with wellness programs, so, if your company offers such a thing, use it to your advantage. Having an active lifestyle will help you stay in good health and avoid visits to the doctor’s office.

In addition, some companies also provide discounts on premiums or added contributions to FSAs or HSAs, which can lower your healthcare costs even further. If money isn’t incentive enough to be active, check out these 8 Unexpected Benefits of Regular Exercise.


  1. Maryland

Average monthly premium: $501

Average silver deductible: $3,438

If you live in the Old Line State, your monthly premium and deductible will be a bit lower than those in other states. If your deductible exceeds $1,300 and you have the possibility to put your money into a health savings account, do it without any second thoughts. HAS money will grow and work in your favor and can be later used to pay for medical services.


  1. Nevada

Average monthly premium: $445

Average silver deductible: $5,513

In Nevada, if you want to reduce your healthcare costs, you have the opportunity to do so by negotiating them with the provider. It might seem like an unlikely option, but the truth is medical bills aren’t always set in stone. Therefore, discuss with the provider and see if there’s a chance to whittle down your healthcare bills or at least set up a payment plan if the amount is too big to be paid right away. And don’t forget to be polite!

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