5 Everyday Things That Will Disappear Before You Do

Photo by Andy Dean Photography from Shutterstock

When it comes to trends, we know that some of the classics (like Scandinavian or open-style shelving) will never go out of style, and we will be happy we have them even after 10 years in our home. But on the other hand, there is a lot of stuff that comes and goes, and in a few years nobody will even remember its existence. Can you guess what trends are going to “leave” us in 2023?

So whether you believe that you will always treasure that huge green sofa you found at a thrift store or you appreciate the chance to look out for something new to replace it, it’s always a little amusing to look back at what styles are now viewed as completely out of date. But hey! Don’t take designers’ words for granted. It may be just a matter of taste…

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