10 Gross Things Hotels Are Still Doing to Save Cash Despite the Pandemic

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The risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 in a hotel room is quite low if it’s properly cleaned, according to health experts. However, according to the CDC, people infected with COVID-19 can spread the virus through high-touch and “prolonged contact” items such as light switches, sheets and pillowcases.

Hotels all over the world say they have upgraded their cleaning practices and are paying more attention than ever to the cleaning and disinfecting of hotel areas. But are they really? Before you make yourself comfortable on that big, comfy bed, you might want to know a thing or two about the gross things hotels are still doing to save money, despite the global pandemic.


It’s always more than meets the eye

Hotels are often visited and transited by a great number of guests and not all of them have time to clean and sanitize things the way they should between stays. As a matter of fact, according to a 2012 study, around 81 percent of hotel surfaces sampled held at least some fecal bacteria.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has had to abide by stricter hygiene rules, including hotels. Or so they say, because, in reality, the situation’s a bit different. Health experts might say that hotels have to be squeaky clean, regularly sanitized and disinfected but this requires more money and it’s something that some hotels are simply not willing to pay for. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but surfaces in hotel rooms are not the only things you should be wary of. That being said, here are the disgusting things that hotels are still doing to save money, despite the pandemic.

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    I worked at a hotel that, when they ran out of auto-dispensing laundry chemicals had us use the little guest boxes. Problem is, they didn’t ensure everyone that did the laundry knew about it. A lot of laundry was done without and detergent or bleach. I for one, got extremely ill and almost died.


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