15 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at a Dollar Store

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Not everything you can find at your local dollar store is a bargain. Buying things at a smaller price isn’t always a good deal. Shopping at a dollar store may be tempting when seeing all the low-priced items.

However, a cheaper item isn’t worth buying if what you get is an inferior product. Eventually, you get what you pay for, and sometimes even less, so don’t be surprised if your item works just fine for a single or light use.

Also, take into consideration that the price may be low because the size may be smaller, so you’ll end up paying the same amount of money as if you would have bought the exact same thing at a better deal elsewhere.

Here are 15 items you should never buy from a dollar store, no matter how low the price is:

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8 thoughts on “15 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at a Dollar Store”

  1. 12

    You are correct on most of the items. I have bought batteries they are name brand but if used a lot will die in 24 hours. The cereal is only enough for 1 or 2 bowls of cereal, and the packages are getting smaller too.
    Some times or should I say once in a blue moon you can get a regular size small box of cereal.
    Vegetables in a regular store you can get your 1can a lot cheaper then dollar tree. I love the small pkgs of Cheetos that use to cost 2.00 in a store. The stores raised the price to 2.29 and reduced the pkg size. Dollar tree has a snack Cheetos which was a good deal for a 1.00 now that package has shrunk to 1/2 the size. Some candies the pkgs have shrunk as well. The glass dishes are an excellent buy. Be aware and look at your package and price check. You can get deals, but the quality isn’t there.

  2. 9

    totally disagree..I make $11 Grand a Year. Extreme Poverty..Can’t afford to pay triple the price of things at regular store. Batteries are not good, tho..We can read, if something is expired WE DO NOT BUY IT. Sheesh..

  3. walter glassberg

    Expiration dates should be checked at all stores. Not everything at a 99 is cheaper, but some items are a lot cheaper. As the Supremes sang…’You gotta shop around’. in 20 years in Las Vegas, l saved a lot of $, mostly at the 99 cent plus store.


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