What You Didn’t Know About Biden’s 4 Children

Photo by Crush Rush from Shutterstock

Right after Biden was sworn in, he immediately focused on making the White House feel like a home. He and his family started decorating the private residence with all kinds of “family pictures, books, and furniture they brought from home”, as First Lady Dr. Jill Biden told “People”.

The Bidens always declared that their family is a top priority, and even if the President calls his kids and grandkids every day, he doesn’t mix business with family.

He’s the father of four beautiful children: Naomi, Beau, Hunter, and Ashley. Biden had the three eldest children, Hunter, Beau, and Naomi, with his late wife, Neilia Hunter. After her death, he married his second wife, Jill Jacobs, in 1977.

They have a younger daughter, Ashley. Find out more about Biden’s children in this article:

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