11 Things Other People Hate About Americans

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Let’s be honest, our culture is amazing, and everybody loves our country! And that’s great. We have advanced technology, we have a good economy compared to other countries, and some of the best movies are made in Hollywood. Many other nations are rumored to envy us for diverse reasons. But no matter the cause, one thing is for sure: As Americans, our patriotism is arguably unmatched.

I think the truth is somewhere in between because a lot of people brag about our patriotism, and this usually leads to a conflict. Do you happen to know people that aren’t fans of our nation?

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19 thoughts on “11 Things Other People Hate About Americans”

  1. -11

    Patriotism only comes in sports and “fake war heroes” movies, aside from that, America (USA) is the Capital Racist Country of the world. If “one” isn’t White or “White European,” you’re NOT welcome anywhere even if one is born in the USA. One could be African American. Mexican (that includes South American), Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Samoan and others who aren’t of “white skin.”

  2. -11

    It isn’t jealousy, “Foreigners” like you call them are just amazed as to how RACIST White Americans are; that also includes the “Wanna Be’s” White People. Americans can care less about their history and that includes the NATIVE AMERICANS, that’s why most “Americans” tend to do their DNA to disassociate with any other group

  3. -11

    You keep mentioning jealousy and hate. Don’t confuse those words with ARROGANCE. How can you say the world hate or are jealous of America because of the so call Patriotism. What Americans have is Arrogance, Americans are under the impression that they’re better than the rest of the world. There’s no other country in the world that has so much violence and crime and owns so many guns (weapons)

  4. -11

    No other country outside the USA charges for medical care, that includes Cuba, Mexico and other countries in Europe. I’m a Vietnam and Iraq veteran with a 100% disability and one would think that as disabled veterans we’ve got the best medical service benefit, HA!!!! Where have you been, don’t read / watch the news???? How we as veterans have to fight for our medical benefits eligibility? Before one gets medical attention the provider first has to find out if you can afford the medical services before one gets medical attention

  5. -11

    #5 That’s right!!!!! White Americans feel they shouldn’t be offended, why, because they’re White, oh, but, White Americans CAN offend anyone they want, specially if one is of different color of skin.

    #6 Ah Yes. Weddings, White Americans are so F..ng Arrogant that they go into debt just to out-do everyone else when it comes to spending. The bride’s White Wedding Dress was meant to say the bride was pure and a “virgin” a “cherry” really????? Which bride nowadays is pure and most of all a “VIRGIN/CHERRY???” HAHAHAHAHA

  6. -11

    IT’S NOT PATRIOTISM!!!!! It’s called STUPIDITY!!!!! A true patriot wouldn’t wear the flag and colors as socks, panties, shorts, bras, paper plates, disposable cups and other items out of RESPECT FOR THE FLAG AND COLORS

    Apparently you took your “foreign White friend” to Beverly Hills and other “White Neighborhoods” where you knew you would be treated as a White Person would be treated

  7. -11

    It all depends in which state one lives. In California there’s no law that requires the employer to offer vacation much less “paid vacation” if one decides to take time-off, it’s on their own.

    Americans are seen as workaholics. That’s right!!! Who in their right mind would take unpaid time-off

    And it’s NOT workaholics, it’s STUPIDHOLICS!!!!!!

  8. -11

    #10 The greeting “How Are You” from the 60’s back, that’s what it was a “greeting” nowadays, you ask anybody “How Are You,” and you’ll never hear the end of their health history, they’ll take out their medical chart to tell you how they really are.

    #11 ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD THE “METRIC SYSTEM” is used, The United States it’s the ONLY STUPID COUNTRY that uses their own measurement system

  9. -11

    This is true . They do under stand. But our leader have push America to her limit with foolish woke ideas. Our leaders are trying to divide America.

  10. -11

    Most of them want to burn our flag . WE love our country ,yet our leader don’t want us to speak. They are trying to take us apart. Change us. Most of American think we are heading in wrong direction I agree. Our leader are trying to take our pride away.

  11. -11

    I am on board with strangers who believe Americans are far too fond of guns. It is madness to keep repeating the mantra of 2nd amendment superiority to the exclusion of any and all other rights while placing no emphasis on the responsibility of gun safety &/or ownership. AR type weapons should be illegal to own outside a war zone or make bullets for it $1000 each.

  12. Rosemary Graham-Gardner

    Yes and it is all about money made by the gun manufacturers and the crooked politicians who get paid by them. We don’t need guns to survive.

  13. Rosemary Graham-Gardner

    No they don’t appreciate it. The average Americans in general are painfully insular and ignorant of other countries and cultures.

  14. Rosemary Graham-Gardner

    The healthcare system is only good for the very wealthy, but if you are poor in this country, you are on your own. This needs to change and we need sound healthcare for every single American, rich or poor. The present situation of the abortion subject is a veritable scandal and underlined with religion, which is an offence to the Constitutional separation of Church and State. I am offended by the : In God we trust on our paper money. I do not trust the invisible man made male entity!

  15. Rosemary Graham-Gardner

    Yea but we are not the only ones. I have traveled all over this planet and our lavish weddings do not even come close to those in India which can last a a few weeks.

  16. Rosemary Graham-Gardner

    Patriotism can be toxic and blind people from other cultures. The word itself from ” Pater” which means father is prejudiced. It is painful to witness who little the average American knows about the rest of the World. I feel that they are like the Romans of Antiquity who lived on Bread and Games.


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