7 Costco Mistakes That Will Cost You Big Bucks

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Hmmm…Costco! America’s favorite place for shopping. Alongside Walmart, Costco is one of the biggest supply chains founded almost 38 years ago. Wow! Time flies so fast that I feel like I the first time I walked through those doors was just yesterday. Even if you need a membership card to shop at Costco, which some might find as an inconvenience, it’s no secret that the store has a lot number of loyal customers. I usually tend to believe that buying products in bulk is probably one of the most effective ways of saving money. But what if you can’t consume everything you bought and end up with most of the items reaching their expiration date?

Continue reading to find out about the most common mistakes are that you should avoid the next time you’re shopping at Costco if you want to be on a budget.

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