Insults and Interruptions – What Did We Learn From the Presidential Debate

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This presidential debate is being viewed as one of the most chaotic, divisive and unprecedented in U.S. history, even causing CNN pundit Dana Bash to call it a ‘sh*t show’ live on the cable news channel. Many would struggle to disagree with this assessment as the 90-minute debate in Cleveland, Ohio, was light on policy but heavy on insults and interruptions, mainly on the side of the current president.

Those frequent interruptions by the president even prompted Mr Biden to tell him to shut up as they squabbled over the current global pandemic, healthcare and the economy in exchanges that could only loosely be described as a debate.

With many polls pointing to the fact that one in ten Americans still remain undecided and the ones who have decided are standing nose to nose, with surveys from several key states backing up this assessment, does this debate do anything to change the minds of American voters?


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