30 Things Guests Should Avoid Doing at Weddings at All Costs


Here comes the bride, dressed all in white…or so she thinks. Unfortunately for her, some guests disregard the most basic wedding rules and end up ruining what’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful days in a couple’s life. From twining with the bride or bridesmaids or giving an inappropriate toast to bringing an extra date, or worse, showing up uninvited, here are 30 things that wedding guests should avoid doing at a wedding at all costs.


You arrive too early

It’s one thing to be as good as your word and arrive on time and it’s a whole different story to arrive too early and become an obstacle for the ones who are trying to make the final arrangements. If you arrive thirty minutes earlier than the hour stated on the invitation, just wait in your car instead of stressing the bride and groom with your presence, recommends the founder of Perfectly Posh Events, Holly Patton Olsen.


You arrive too late

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, the general rule is that you should arrive at the wedding venue and sit where you’re supposed to 10 minutes before the ceremony starts. One of the worst things you could do at a wedding is walking in as the bride or groom is walking down the aisle. Not only will you ruin the moment itself, but you will also destroy whatever pictures the photographer and wedding guests are trying to take, warns Brand Hammerstone, owner of All Events Planned.

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