8 Haunting Photos of The Titanic Just Before it Sank

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Titanic. This name is usually associated with the movie when we all meet Jack and Rose. This just makes it even more sad than it was. But it’s more than that because it was never supposed to sink. And it became the most well-known tragedy in history. In 1912, this was supposed to be a luxury transatlantic ship.

It embarked on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England with the destination of New York, USA. Unfortunately, it would never see American shores.

This disaster killed almost 1,500 people. It was designed to be completely safe, or so they thought, but who would have thought.

At 23:40, two sailors said that there were icebergs in the water, but unfortunately, the message came too late. Around 00:30, the first boat, which was the first boat with only 12 passengers, was launched, although it had initially been tested for the weight of 70 men.

Two hours after the iceberg hit, the Titanic sank.

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