7 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Lying to You

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How often do you lie?

Did you know that almost 54% of lies can be accurately spotted? And how can you tell if someone is lying to you? It’s a bit complicated because psychologists say that our instincts for judging liars are actually on point, but our conscious minds sometimes fail. But there are things that betray the liar and make us doubt his words.

However, it might be a bit difficult to tell if someone is actually lying because they might act like they are telling the truth, and if you are not face to-face with that person, you might actually believe what they’re saying.

Keep on reading to find out what the most common traits of a liar are.

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1 thought on “7 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Lying to You”

  1. I told my wife recently that now that I am 78 I am mostly going to lie. Its more fun and who really gives a darn. I figure that if she’s stayed with all these years (57) I’m okay to just let everything go. I think she can’t decide if I’m lying or not so join in on the fun and just ask me questions she knows the answer to. She knows me well enough to all ready know what I am going to say anyway. It is too boring to give pat answers. More exciting to lie. I have a million stories to share. Thank God she has always laughed when I needed her too. One thing I do know when she says something I know she is telling the truth…..Now I think she’s testing me. I trust her truth much better than my own. Safer for me. God Bless


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