8 Haunting Photos of The Titanic Just Before it Sank

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Titanic. This name is usually associated with the movie when we all meet Jack and Rose. This just makes it even more sad than it was. But it’s more than that because it was never supposed to sink. And it became the most well-known tragedy in history. In 1912, this was supposed to be a luxury transatlantic ship.

It embarked on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England with the destination of New York, USA. Unfortunately, it would never see American shores.

This disaster killed almost 1,500 people. It was designed to be completely safe, or so they thought, but who would have thought.

At 23:40, two sailors said that there were icebergs in the water, but unfortunately, the message came too late. Around 00:30, the first boat, which was the first boat with only 12 passengers, was launched, although it had initially been tested for the weight of 70 men.

Two hours after the iceberg hit, the Titanic sank.

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20 thoughts on “8 Haunting Photos of The Titanic Just Before it Sank”

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    I know that I died on the Titanic. At age 10 or so, I voraciously read everything I could about the doomed liner – and felt an intense connection. I was fascinated with some of the stories of the passengers. Two newlywed couples from my area, Deephaven, MN were on the Titanic. I can’t recall the couples’ names but one young groom commandeered a life boat, as he had experience sailing, on my beloved Lake Minnetonka!

    About 23 years ago, there was a Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota. I cried, viewing items that were brought to the surface: clothing, eye glasses, china, bottles of wine, etc. We were given a name at the beginning of the tour. Of course, I was one of those who perished.

    I’ve had many readings, to glean, who was I on this ship. Always felt that I was in third class, can’t imagine the terror, of not being allowed to get to higher ground. The last reading I had was that I was a woman in my late teens, 1st class, who gave up my seat on a life boat, for a third class mother and child. That makes my altruistic heart happy. However, I will not know the truth, until I’m on the other side.

    I think naming an ocean liner Titanic, is a HORRIBLE idea!! and, I’ll never partake of an ocean cruise – need to see land.

    1. I smell the B.S. from thousands of mile… I was a giant rat ( in a previous life) and on the Titanic. I knew all the passengers, and NO you was not on it. Try R.M.S. Lusitania. I think I remember you boarding,

    2. 2

      The Titanic wasn’t actually the Titanic. It was the Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic. Do the research. The names were swapped and even now the “M” and “P” can be seen on the ships hull underneath where the name Titanic was, due to the erosion after all these years. J P Morgan had them swapped and had the Olympic sunk on purpose. Dig deep. You’ll get a better understanding of the globalist.

    3. Jesus give us all one pass for the prize. Why would a creator allow us to stumble over and over again hoping someday their journey would finally pass muster? He doesn’t !! Good luck with the rest of your 2nd……or 3rd…….or 4th …..or

  2. 9

    Fifty thousand dishes on the menu? What?
    And yes the pictures dining room was probably for first class only but the other classes had very good dining facilities, even the lowest class had better than on any earlier ships.
    The lifeboats were likely not filled because when they first started getting loaded, people did not really believe the ship was sinking and nobody realized that if you didn’t get in a lifeboat you were doomed.

  3. 8

    If another ship came by right after it sank to take that photo why didn’t they rescue them I know it’s just a movie but in the movie the closest ship was said to be 4 hours away.

    1. As the gentleman aboard the Titanic told the captain” it is a sinkable ship” . Built with chambers that allow water to flow over them into the next and so on. I believe it was to save money. Would cost more for more lumber to go all the way up to the hull. It also couldn’t fit in any port really. People would have been placed on smaller vessels to get to shore. When it don’t fit anywhere it probably shouldn’t exist.

  4. When I was a young waiter in a Boston Hotel, I was assigned to wait on a very small group of Ladies, who were members of the “Survivors of the Titanic” luncheon. There were 5 or 6 very old, distinguished ladies who were very nice. I had no idea of the significance at that time, but I will never forget it. Gary

  5. Too much has been written about the Titanic, much of it is just speulation of “what may have happened if…, what about tragedies like the Andrea Doria and others? I would like to read about this one too. Thanks for the opportunity to give an opinion.

  6. and leave the Titanic there in it’s watery grave
    and leave the 6 million dollars of stuff there for it belongs to the ones who died
    and the money with inflation is not really worth it
    and if you do take it you will be cursed the rest of your life

  7. tatanic is well…it is the sister ship….ship from what I read…was swamped out because the sister ship was in poor condition…and would not be covered by insuranse….and would cost to much to put back in good condition…greed of the company….prices of the name Tatanic..are coming off..and underneath the Tatanic name is the name of the sister ship….per what I seen in pictures taken

  8. I have an obession about the stories written about the Titanic. The movie was wonderful, but just reading the true stories about the ship and the great people on it is just fascinating. I thank you for showing the photos of the Titanic and feeling that I could have been on it if I had lived in the era. This was a fabulous time and I almost feel like one of the people on the ship laughing, talking to friends and others that I might have met on it, Eating would have been the best part due to reading about all the exotic foods they were served. Just thinking how they may have been walking the ship and feeling the water spray into your face. The surroundings, furniture and the special things they had such as the heated pool, the reading room, and the glorious dining room oh, they seem so exotic, but knowing now what happened, I would not be comfortable getting on that ship.But, the story is still so interesting just thinking about what these people thought from the get go of the trip until that sorrowful last minute when the ship went down.


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