Top 5 Haunted Places In Florida You Should Never Visit

Photo by Melinda Nagy From Shutterstock

Spooky season is on! Oh Nevermind! Although it’s known for its sand and amazing beaches, the Sunshine State also has a bit of a weird side. During the years when I was living in Florida, I went to visit a lot of places, especially around the lesser-known areas of the state since I absolutely love travel and discovering new things.

I am also a bit of a horror fan, so while passing through Miami, Tampa, and Clearwater, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit some places which really ended up giving me the chills because a lot of them are supposedly haunted. Naturally, I thought nothing could get to me as ghosts don’t really exists (do they?), but I have to admit that in some cases, the places proved to be so eerie that I actually got a little nervous and even uncomfortable. You could even say that I got more than I bargained for.

Just take a look at these creepy places in Florida. Are you ready to mingle with paranormal activities? Maybe you have some ghost stories of your own that you might want to share with us. Let’s start!

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