6 Things You Didn’t Know About Trader Joe’s

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Let’s face it: Trader Joe’s is awesome! And I am not saying that because I am a loyal customer. Starting with its colorfully painted walls, its amazing employees who wear Hawaiian t-shirts and the variety of products are not comparable to any other grocery stores. Why do I choose to do my shopping here?

Because everyone starting with the founders of this company to every single employee, is friendly and helpful. They invest a lot in making you comfortable while shopping, so you’ll want to return as often as possible.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a place that is budget-friendly, Trade Joe’s should be your first choice. They sell a lot of amazing healthy products that are usually sold for less than $5. And this is how I like to call it “a blessing for my wallet”!

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44 thoughts on “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Trader Joe’s”

  1. 15

    Trader Joe’s is such an awesome store. There is nothing but positive comments that can be said about them! The friendliness of the staff, the helpfulness of the staff and the general vibe of the store can be surpassed by no other. I shop there every chance I can get. It is always a fun opportunity to shop at Trader Joe’s!

  2. 10

    i love Trader Joe’s and their emplyes. it is a fun and fulfilling shopping spree abd i get stopped by their beautiful flowers abd akways have to buy at least one plant.

  3. 2

    I have been wanting to shop in a Trader Joe’s. If there is one in East Tennessee, please let me know what city I can find it.

    Thank You, Jan Dyer

  4. Question:
    Is their a Trader Joe’s in Lancaster, Ca. and Palmale, Ca. and Mojave, Ca., and Rosamond, Ca.?
    I’m new to this part of the country.
    Need your assistance.



    1. Search online for these locations. TJ’s has many locations all over CA. I would start looking in Lancaster, which is a big city.


  6. Elizabeth L Fucci

    Funny, but I’ve never tried a Trader Joe’s even though there is one located not far from me. This article has inspired me to, at the very least, go in for a look-see! For many years, now (5 or 6 at least) I’ve done all my grocery shopping at MOM’s (Mom’s Organic Market) in Herndon. Organics have proven themselves to me in that I neither look nor feel my age (78 +, close to 79). That said, I will definitely giver Trader Joe’s a look, very soon. Many thanks for your article. You actually answered a lot of my questions even before I asked them! 🙂

    1. 1

      Elizabeth, Save yourself some time. Trader Joe’s caters to people who like overly sugary and salty food. Stick to Mom’s Organic Market; you’ll be glad you did.

    1. I wish we had a store in Southwest Arlington, as large as Arlington, TX is, they only have the one store over in North Arlington.

  7. 3

    One of my most favorite grocery stores in the world.
    Their marketing strategy of curating products from all over the globe at extremely reasonable prices is par excellence

  8. I am a professional caterer &
    Trader Joe’s is my Go-To Market.
    for my smaller parties in Bethesda, MD
    & in Annapolis, MD & Charleston, SC.

    We do Not have a Trader Joe’s store East
    of MD’Chesapeake Bay. I have a register of 400 potential clients & reasons WHY
    Trader Joe’s needs to build on MD’s Eastern Shore.

  9. 1

    Only buy a few items there. Lotta junk foods . High sugar content ‘party foods’ for those who can tolerate that stuff.
    Lack of vegetarian foods.
    Atmosphere and service great.
    I knew all your ‘ did you know’ stuff ‘ in your ad.
    No emails PLEASE

  10. My community is only good enough to have a Trader Joe’s distribution ctr. According to Trader Joe’s we are not wealthy e ought to have a store. They can cram it.

  11. 1

    Trader Joe’s frozen Mandarin orange chicken contains 7 grams of sugar per serving. That’s 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar per serving. Yummy? Only Americans would eat something like that, and Trader Joe knows his America.

    1. 1

      Correction: That’s 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar per serving, which is still way too much. One-quarter cup of vanilla ice cream has 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. I like chicken, and I like ice cream, but I don’t want my chicken to taste like ice cream.

  12. Odette M Tin-Aung

    I love to shop at Trader Joe’s, first because of the friendly and casual atmosphere and second because their prices are reasonable. I buy flowers frequently, they are a bargain in comparison with other stores. I also like the variety of their roducts from around the world.

  13. 2

    In San Francisco Bay Street trader Jose Location at Fishermans Wharf/Northbeach, I have seen homeless whom are not aggressively panhandling told to leave (whilst only near the bay&mason front door) and know from one employee that they never offer food or drink to the poor people. So much for your sale here as to marketing becasue I can not suppoort any business that makes the $$ they do owned by Aldi which is highly profitable that can not help a human being. Now before any of you commentors reply, Grocery stores always have food that goes into the trash that is Ok…not great… but edible. Lastly, I have eaten a few of their products that are pre-packaged, sandwiches and meat to become ill. Nothing worse than food poisioning and that again is from Bay Street San Francisco trader joes location.

  14. One day I went into TJ’s and asked for flowers. One of the employees tried to find what I needed. It seemed they did not have what I was looking for and I continued my shopping. As I went to the checkout, the same employee that was helping me originally came up to me with the flowers I asked for. This was at least an hour later. This is some awesome customer service. I had almost forgotten about those flowers and they were still looking for them (and for ME.)

  15. Trader Joes’s may still have a natural ingredient only policy. If that is still true, then it is a bad policy for diabetics who cannot have natural sugar. If anybody knows differently, please post.

  16. i love their thin meyer lemon cookies, pecan pralines for salad, all of their delicious salads. There are so many things to discover and try.

  17. 1

    I have purchased Mandarin Orange Chicken twice. The chicken is not a quality white chicken that a lot of chicken eaters perfer. Instead, it has dark chicken which does not seem to be a good quality dark chicken. I admit that I’m not the best at determining the quality of dark chicken, but it seems to be a less quality dark variety. Yes, the breading and flavor of the sauce is good, but you need to provide this in “white chicken” as well.

  18. They used to also he well known for unique beers. I used to go there in the 80s, specifically, because they had so many unique choices in beers from all over the world.

  19. Well, I am so glad you wrote this article because my girlfriends and I live in Warren and Kent Ohio and just love, love going to Trader Joe’s. Yes we love the products, the employees, the wine isles and the brand names. We make a whole day of it with the store on 28425 Chagrin Blvd Woodmere, OH ! Oh how we love that store.


    I seem to get different answers from employees. Are Trader Joe’s products GMO FREE. And if they are , why aren’t they labeled GMO- FREE?

  21. I love Trader Joe’s. I do my weekly shopping there.
    The only thing that concerns me a little: everything is packaged. I wish there would be a way to at least recycle all this.

  22. no trader Joes in melbourne fl. or Palm bay fl. We need one Badley. This area is growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out.

  23. Please put a store in NW Arkansas, Springdale, Bentonville, fayettville, per haps. We need you badly. Please, please. I know a lot of people who have moved here from all over the country and are used to shopping at TJ’s. Please, please. lI always shopped at the store in Palmdale, CA, now I am NW Arkansas. Best part of the state. Love TJ’s.

  24. Sad that the liquor laws in CT do not allow TJ to sell wine in their store.
    When I am in Calif, I always buy my wine in TJs. It’s good and economical.

  25. We’ve been going to Trader Joe’s for years and we love that place. But sometimes they run out of our favorite items and they never get them back.

  26. Food offers are very good. However, make sure you read the chart listing ingredients. Many of there products are not that healthy particularly for people who must watch their sugar and salt contents. Many of their frozen or refrigerated products are loaded with excess salt or sugar or both.

  27. Love Trader Joe’s. I shopped all the time at TJ’s in Palmdale, CA. 5 Years ago we moved to Northwest Arkansas and miss TJ’s so badly. Would you consider opening a TJ’s in NW Arkansas? Springdale, Bentonville, Lowell, Fayettville would be wonderful.

    Please consider, thankyou,
    Pamela Lents
    14555 Pleasure Heights Road
    Lowell, AR 72745
    661 433.9194

  28. I love Trader Joes, big fan for many many years. Only complaint they stopped supplying my favorite in the shell sunflower seeds (the best); and did not carry Tofurky this year. Hope they bring both of those items back!!!


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