15 Ways Halloween Has Changed In The Last Decades

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7. Giving apples to children became a thing again

While some households give children kind-sized candy as the tradition says, others prefer to give a healthier option: fruit. As children started trick-or-treating in more controlled environments nowadays like malls and churches, parents also want their children to eat healthier, so handing out apples became cool again.


8. Halloween celebrations have become a lot more peaceful

Back in the day, fun Halloween celebrations for kids included silly string and toilet paper but today’s kids just don’t do that anymore. In certain areas of the United States, it’s even illegal to play with silly string.

For instance, Hollywood banned in 2004 playing with the silly string between 12 a.m on October 31st until 12 p.m on November 1st. Detroit also implemented mandatory emergency curfews for minors.


9. Pumpkin designs have become more attractive

Craving a pumpkin 20 years ago was a pretty simple task that everyone could do. The eyes were cut in a triangle form, followed by a big, ragged smile and that was it.

Today, on the other hand, pumpkin designs are a work of art. People spend hours doing it, some would prefer funny faces while others are more fascinated about scary ones.

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