10 Types of People You’ll Come Across At Least Once in Your Life


The people you come across everyday of your life will each bring their negative or positive contributions. Regardless of the things they introduce into your life, there’s always something you can learn from people around you. That being said, discover ten different types of people you will meet at least once in your lifetime and how to interact with them. What type of person do you like or dislike the most?

The Giver

This type of person has dedicated their whole life to being altruistic and helping others. Either by offering homeless people clothes or food or saving an abandoned dog and taking it to a shelter, they are constantly giving without expecting something in return. Being around such selfless people will only motivate you to be kind and charitable as well.
How to deal with givers: Givers should not be treated in any way but with kindness and generosity. Giving is their life’s purpose and you should consider yourself lucky if you meet a giver and learn how to contribute more to society the way they do.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is constantly on the move, going from one place to another, permanently looking for the next adventure. You might find all the things that the adventurer is doing rather tiring but being around such active people will motivate you to break out of your safety zone and explore more. This type of person will inspire and encourage you to venture halfway around the world and try new and exciting things, something that everyone should try at least once in their life.
How to deal with adventurers: Hanging with adventurers is nothing but exciting and entertaining. Their presence helps others come out of their shells, become more daring, audacious and adventurous. That being said, here are 12 Smart Ways to Make People Instantly Like You.


The Risk-taker

Being a risk-taker requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty and failure. Risk-takers seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, no matter the stakes, no matter the outcome. Their confidence, courage and tendency to dream big might serve as an inspiration for you. Whether or not you become fearless, hanging around a risk-taker will still motivate you to take more chances than you typically would.
How to deal with risk-takers: Tread with caution around risk-takers. They usually decide things without considering all the possible results. It’s generally alright to take risks every once in a while, as long as you don’t risk your life in the process.

The Manipulator

Some would say everyone needs to meet a manipulator at least once in their life so that you can learn to appreciate other people more. Manipulative people are not really interested in you as a person, they just see you as a means to an end. They are cunning, sly and able to work any situation in their favor, transforming others into unwilling participants to their schemes. Realizing how you’ve been manipulated will serve as a lesson in the future, help you become more aware and able to identify other manipulators so that you can stay away from them.
How to deal with manipulators: Dealing with manipulative people is anything but easy. They know how to push people’s buttons and use them to gain control. The only good thing resulting from the interaction with a manipulator is that you become wiser, more grounded, and more mindful of other people. On that note, check out 17 Things People Do Without Realizing They’re Being Rude.


The Backstabber

Among the different kinds of people, science says backstabbers are the worst. Unfortunately, they are everywhere, so, most likely, you’ve come across this type of individual at least once. Backstabbers make you trust them with your deepest secrets only to badmouth and betray you the second you turn your back. It’s important to meet somebody like this to show you that there’s nothing wrong with being a trusting person, but it’s horrible being a dishonest, deceiving, back-stabbing individual.
How to deal with backstabbers: Don’t think for a minute that a backstabber can ever be your friend. This doesn’t mean you should treat them the same way they treat people. The best approach is to mind your own business and focus on people who add value to your life.

The Optimist

The Optimist sees a silver lining in every cloud. In other words, they see everything through a positive filter, appreciating the half-full side of the glass. Their positive attitude and frame of mind might be exasperating at times, but, it only shows you that positive thinking can help you overcome many obstacles and win more in life than having a negative mindset.
How to deal with optimists: Dealing with an optimist is quite easy and effortless. Optimistic individuals are the type of people that can restore your faith in humanity and remind you that all’s not that bad. You just need to believe in yourself and take the positive out of every situation, as negative as it may seem.


The Pessimist

The Pessimist may seem as visually impaired as the Optimist and equally aggravating by pointing out all the possible things that could go wrong with a situation. This individual keeps you down to earth by reminding you that things could take a turn for the worse in the blink of an eye. Their permanent negative mental attitude keeps you aware and grounded, showing you the importance of maintaining a balance between being a pragmatist and a romantic.
How to deal with pessimists: Pessimists are not bad people, in essence, but they can be real energetic vampires and deplete you of every ounce of energy. However, a healthy dose of negativity, every once in a while, might do you good. The secret to dealing with pessimists is to do it in an optimistic way. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but there’s also some good left in things, in people and in the world in general. If you are a pessimistic person yourself,  discover 5 Useful Tips to Feel More Satisfied with Your Life.

The Free-soul

The Free-soul is someone who is not restricted, controlled, or limited by anything or anybody. They live their lives to the beat of their own drums, liberated from the confines of family and society. Free-souls have no problem moving to a new city or country to pursue their career goals or move from one relationship to the next with rapid steps. Their message to you is that it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. Stop focusing on what other people think or say is best for you and just live in the moment. Free-souls believe in the ephemerality of things and emphasize the importance of appreciating every minute in life.
How to deal with free-souls: These individuals are usually very calm and gentle. They don’t dwell on something that is beyond their control or worry about trivial things. Dealing with them is simple, they have a lot of stories to tell, from which you can actually learn something useful.


The Stable One

The opposite of the Free-Soul, the Stable One has a very good grip over their own life, which includes a stable nine to five job, a stable relationship and a steady rent contract. They weren’t always like this, though. In fact, most stable people were quite disorganized and sloppy in the past. Hanging around these people helps you understand that it’s possible to find balance in life and steadiness even when your life seems like a complete mess.
How to deal with stable people: These individuals are only looking to improve their lives, work hard to reach a certain status, constantly asking questions and trying to come up with solutions. What you can learn from people like them is how to create and achieve long-term goals.

The Wise One

The wise one is the person you turn to when you need a bit of smart advice for something that seems unsolvable. Hanging around these people is like having a collection of self-improvement quotes with you at all times. They do, however, provide great knowledge and insight that might rub off on you too.
How to deal with wise people: Wise people can help you grow and develop in more ways than one. They can offer you useful information about the world. Having them around you will only add value to your life, help you become more productive at work and encourage your personal growth.

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