15 Ways Halloween Has Changed In The Last Decades

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1. Nowadays, parents chaperone kids to go trick-or-treating

Years ago, trick-or-treating was an activity for kids only. All the kids in the neighborhood roamed the streets at night in the search of candy, with their older siblings. Only recently, parents have joined them and started watching them from a distance because they want to insure the kids are safe.

With parents watching over them and kids collecting candy to last them for an entire year, everyone is happy.


2. Knocking on strangers’ doors is becoming less common

Another Halloween activity that has changed pretty much in the last 20 years is kids’ favorite activity, treat-or-treating. Even though you might assume that treat-or-treating stayed the same, it actually changed very much over the years, and nowadays is starting to become less and less common.

As I said before, kids are now chaperoned by parents, due to safety reasons, of course, but many families consider contained festivities as a safer option. Therefore, children can go treat-or-treating at a local church or mall, where they go from car to car and collect candy. Another option is simply going treat-or-treating in their building of apartments or close neighborhood.


3. Halloween has “hours” nowadays

If you asked a kid 20 years ago “When does Halloween start?” they would probably say something like “It starts when the sun sets and it lasts until we visit every house that offers candy.”

However, things have changed, and Halloween hours are now decided by neighborhoods, and it’s usually something like “you can trick-or-treat between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.”

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