15 Ways Halloween Has Changed In The Last Decades

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13. Halloween decorations are next level

Back in the day, Halloween decorations consisted of a few pumpkins placed around the yard, and a skeleton taped on the window. Most people chose minimal decor for their homes, limiting their spending as much as possible. $20 was enough to decorate a house for Halloween.

Things have dramatically changed because if you think about it, with $20 you can only buy a few decor items today. Of course, there still are people who like to stick to the bare minimum decor or those who don’t like it at all, but there are also those Halloween enthusiasts that transform their homes in haunted houses with realistic tombstones and huge spiderwebs.

“It used to be you bought a pumpkin, carved it, and put it on the stoop. That’s it,” Delahorne of DBB Worldwide told Forbes. “Now, you see cobwebs on the trees, witches and tombstones in the yard, and gigantic spiders. The commercial side [of Halloween] has really fueled the popularity.”


14. We chose our costumes months in advance

Back in the day, people only started to think about Halloween after mid-October and costumes weren’t such a big deal. Everything was solved with a trip to a store to get a costume and a bag of candy. And that was pretty much it.

In this day and age, people start planning for Halloween as early as July, especially if they’re working on a very elaborate costume and plan on taking Halloween decoration to the next level.


15. Pumpkin is now used as a food source

A few decades ago, pumpkin was used mainly as decoration. People used to toast it and eat it as a snack, but nothing more. In this day and age, there are hundreds of recipes with pumpkin, and it wouldn’t be autumn without pumpkin spice everything.

Also, popular brands like M&Ms, Kit Kat and Ben & Jerry’s came up with pumpkin sweets such as candy, bars, and ice cream.

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