Creepy: 8 Private Things Facebook Knows About You

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Facebook knows a lot of things about us, and that’s quite disturbing, right? If in the beginning, it was a simple social media website where you could chat with friends and family from another town or country, now Facebook, along with Instagram and Twitter, is the most popular one. And unfortunately, it kinda violates our privacy.

It might be scary, but Facebook is watching you closely and it’s probably a fact that they know you better than you do. Did you know that you can’t actually delete your account? It can only be temporarily disabled.

Do you have a Facebook account? How often do you use it? Tell us in the comments.

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1 thought on “Creepy: 8 Private Things Facebook Knows About You”

  1. seldom most of its kid stuff
    Nice to see the grandkids and great grandkids and our kids takes about 10 minutes every couple of weeks rest of the time i lay in the pool


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