8 Reasons to Go to Walmart (Even if You Hate It)

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Everybody (almost) loves Walmart, and that’s no secret. But what if you are among the few who actually hate it and prefer to go shopping at Trader Joe’s? I tell you that if you never go to Walmart, you’ve been missing a few things! Prices are budget-friendly and they usually have tons of sales, but above everything, you can use coupons! And I personally love coupons! 240 million shoppers still visit its stores, almost every week.

In case you reconsider going to Walmart, we’ll give you a few benefits of shopping there. We guarantee that there will be no regrets!

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1 thought on “8 Reasons to Go to Walmart (Even if You Hate It)”

  1. There’s “wants” and then there’s “needs.” We might want a bunch of crap for less than what it costs Walmart to sell it, but we NEED companies that take care of their employees and give them benefits and a decent wage. And NOT take advantage of government programs by teaching their employees how to apply for food stamps or the dreaded “Obama” care (that’s right… the same “Obama Care” you’ve all been rallying against is the same healthcare Walmart offers its employees!). Companies like Walmart rally against government interference yet pump the government for every tax break and employee benefit they can. Proud to say I’ve NEVER shopped at Walmart and NEVER will!


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