13 Hidden Charges That Are Secretly Ripping You Off

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No matter what we do and how much attention we try to pay our bills and expenses, at the end of the month we still have to pay much more than we originally expected. Sometimes, it really is our fault, but other times, there are all sorts of sneaky hidden costs that eat away at our finances. That being said, read on to find out some of the hidden charges people get slammed with and end up paying without realizing.


Foreign transaction fees

Imagine you’re on vacation in a foreign country, having the time of your life and using your credit card to pay for all sorts of food delights and entertainment without much thought. That’s the surest way to lose money because credit cards usually add 1 to 3 percent for purchases as foreign transaction fees. “Avoid this pesky fee by paying with cash or using a credit card that waives the foreign transaction fees,” says Natasha Rachel Smith, a personal finance expert with TopCashback.com.

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