These Are the Places You’re Most Likely to Get Infected With COVID-19, According to Doctors

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Officials all over the world are trying to reign on the new coronavirus cases that followed the re-opening of businesses in the past month or so. Yet growing numbers have given medical experts with insight into what practices and places are the most dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you want to know how your favorite places line up in terms of risk factors? A recently published survey from the Texas Medical Association’s COVID-19 Task Force and the Infectious Diseases Committee, physicians rated 37 places and practices on how likely they are to result in COVID infection on a scale of 1 to 10.

Before you walk out the door, make sure you know which are the places that got 8 or 9 on the risk scale. If you don’t want to catch coronavirus, stay away from these places.


A crowded sports stadium

This place may well be the easiest to avoid, if only because the major sports leagues are either on break or play without fans because of coronavirus. But as professional sports teams begin to start up again, doctors still warn that going out to the big game is a huge health risk with all the spit-inducing screaming and crowded sitting areas.


Places of worship

Besides congregating in large numbers, places of worship increase the risk of catching void-19 for another reason: singing. California also went so far as to prohibit the practice of religious gatherings throughout the state. But doctors agree that unless you keep your group small and take it outdoors, it’s one of the most likely ways to catch coronavirus (especially if there are more than 500 worshippers joining you).

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Heading out to your favorite local watering hole might have been a pre-pandemic social outing of your choosing. But any location that involves meeting indoors with big crowds in near proximity, shouting loud music, breathing recycled air, and not wearing a face mask— because it’s difficult to sip your drink with one on— is at the top of most doctor’s list of places you ‘re likely to catch coronavirus for a reason.



Dining from the sneeze-guarded lineups of hot trays may have always been somewhat controversial in terms of health. But now, doctors warn that piling your plate from a buffet during the pandemic is extremely risky due to possible viral contamination.

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The gym

Pumping iron or hitting the spin class may have been the best way to stay in shape until coronavirus strikes. However, doctors warn that close quarters, numerous contamination sources, and increased heavy breathing of nearby patrons are putting gyms at risk for safety these days.


Amusement parks

Despite what Florida’s governor might say, doctors, do not believe that going to the amusement park is a healthy activity right now, due to the long lines, the limited space on the rides, and the crowds of people that gather inside them.

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Movie theaters

Even after AMC made the face maks mandatory for the visitors, the doctors are still uncertain about going out to the movie theater because of the close quarters and the air conditioning systems that can spread the virus in the enclosed environment. “I would honestly say I’m not comfortable going to the movies right now,” Carlos Del Rio, MD, an infectious diseases specialist in Atlanta, told CNBC. “Right now, the only place I am comfortable going to the movies is my living room.”


Large concert halls

If the cancellation or postponement of the country’s biggest festivals wasn’t a sign, take it from the doctors: crowding a live theater or a concert venue to watch your favorite artist perform is just too risky right now.


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