These 6 States Are Now in “Critical” COVID-19 Situations, According to Experts

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The coronavirus outbreak continues to hit the country hard, and the number of states around the country is increasing day by day. Trying to stay on top of the data can be stressful, but the experts at Covid Act Now— epidemiologists, health care workers, and public policy specialists, among others— continue to keep an up-to-date map where they crunch the numbers to assess the risk of coronavirus in each state. Based on their estimation, these six states are now at the “critical” risk level of COVID-19.


1. Alabama

Alabama is in a “critical” situation, according to the COVID Act Now, due to a high infection rate (average number of people infected) of 1.10 and a high positive test rate of 13.2 percent. Although the state appears to have a sufficient number of ICU beds available for coronavirus patients, it does not have nearly enough contact tracers to detect new infections.
As of July 7, the New York Times reported almost 44,300 cases of coronavirus in Alabama and more than 980 deaths.


2. Arizona

The situation in Arizona is devastating, as Covid Act now sees it. Three of the four categories used by the site for risk assessment are in the “critical” category: a positive test rate of 24 percent, 100 percent of the necessary ICU beds in use, and the ability of contact tracers to track only three percent of new cases within 48 hours.
Arizona’s 1.21 infection rate is considered to be “high.” As of now, there are more than 101,000 coronavirus cases in the state, with approximately 1,800 deaths.


3. Florida

In Florida, the infection rate of 1.38 and a positive test rate of 15.9 percent — which mean the virus spreads quickly and not enough testing is done — make it a high-risk state. And despite a good score for the number of remaining ICU beds, the lack of sufficient contact tracers put it in the “critical” category of Covid Act Now.
Florida’s new cases more than doubled last week; there are officially 206,000 coronavirus cases in the state and nearly 3,731 deaths were reported.


4. Idaho

Like Florida, Idaho ‘s new coronavirus cases more than doubled last week, with Reuters reporting an increase of 116.3 percent. It’s not shocking, though, to see the state added to Covid Act Now’s “critical” list. The Idaho infection rate of 1.44 is particularly high, but the state also has a high positive test rate of 11 percent and not nearly enough contact tracers to monitor the rapidly increasing number of new cases.
As of July 2, Idaho has about 8,000 COVID-19 cases, and more than 94 deaths have occurred.


5. Missouri

Missouri figures may not seem as alarming as those from other states, but taken together, Covid Act Now calls the situation “critical.” While the state earns good marks for the amount of ICU beds available, Missouri has a high infection rate of 1.18, which means that the virus is spreading rapidly. Mix that with a moderate positive check rate of 6.1 percent and just enough contact tracers to detect 3 percent of new infections, and you get a red state, according to the Covid Act Now assessment.
There are now almost 23,800 cases of coronavirus in Missouri, with approximately 1,050 deaths.


6. South Carolina

South Carolina has recently been in the news of rising coronavirus rates among young people, with outbreaks traced back to one of its popular tourist destinations. Covid Act The state has now been added to its “critical” category based on the high infection and positive test rates of 1.23 and 13.9 percent, respectively. According to the site, South Carolina also has only enough contact tracers to follow up six percent of new coronavirus infections.
There are currently approximately 46,200 cases in the state, with approximately 813 deaths.


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