9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs

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Create strong credentials

Consider it this way: if it’s too simple for you to figure out, it’s too simple for a hacker to understand. Writing down complex passwords is OK as long as the paper is kept in a secure location.

Avoid letter-by-letter passwords

Utilizing both letters and numbers creates a stronger password. In spite of this, people choose to choose a string of letters that is easy for them to remember. As a result, common passwords include “aab,” “aac,” “aa1,” and similar words.

This tactic has a flaw in that the assault I discussed before also makes these attempts. As a result, adding a 12-character password letter for letter will also fail, and it might be hacked.

When in doubt, use a password generator

Believe it or not, this is a very good option in case you’re not able to find a good password on your own. Don’t worry, because it’s 100% safe to use these password generators. Basically, they generate a completely random structure for you to use to create an even more secure credential.

However, if you choose this trick to help you create an unbreakable password, maybe you have to write it down somewhere safe because these types of passwords are usually pretty long to remember. In case you consider it too short, you can alter it by changing a letter or by adding a random number to it. It’s up to you entirely!

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1 thought on “9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs”

  1. How about using as a password the name of a distant relative or a place you’ve never been to that you find easy to remember e.g. Antarctica999. Probably no one will guess this is your password.


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