9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs

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6. Your name

Sadly, a lot of people will include their name in their internet credentials. For those attempting to get your information, it’s a no-brainer, and it’s frequently the first step your child would take if he or she intended to steal your credentials. Your children’s names, birthdays, the name of your present street, and the names of your pets are all examples of terrible passwords that are easy for others to guess.

7. “Abc123”

Oh, come on! Really? This password stands on top of the most common passwords that hackers can easily break and access your accounts. Can you believe that a lot of people used it for bank accounts as well? Uninspired or not, don’t even think about choosing this phrase as a password. Besides being super easy to remember, it is also very intuitive. I know it might be easier to remember, but instead you can write it down somewhere safe and choose another one that’s more complex but also complicated to break.

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1 thought on “9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs”

  1. How about using as a password the name of a distant relative or a place you’ve never been to that you find easy to remember e.g. Antarctica999. Probably no one will guess this is your password.


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