9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs

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1. “password”

The term “password” is actually a very popular password. In fact, it ranks well among the most popular credentials. Because of how awful it is, it was ranked fifth on multiple lists starting in 2013.

Many people use this word when they are either lacking in inspiration or simply want to choose a word that is easy to remember. Today, if you attempt to use this word in most systems, they will just throw an error at you because it contains way too few characters. In truth, it won’t even meet the bare minimum needs for these systems.
If you can, stay away from using the term “password” as your password.

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1 thought on “9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs”

  1. How about using as a password the name of a distant relative or a place you’ve never been to that you find easy to remember e.g. Antarctica999. Probably no one will guess this is your password.


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