9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs

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Whenever you create a new account on social media, you struggle with finding a password that can’t be guessed that easily. But if you have too many accounts, you will most likely forget them. And to be sure that won’t happen, you are tempted to create similar passwords by using the same numbers or words. According to various technology experts, it’s basically in human nature to create passwords based on stuff that we like or common words. Is this a really good idea?

You need to know a few things that hackers don’t want you to know in order to keep safe online and prevent identity theft, and other problems, including the fact that they’ll first try these widely used techniques and utilize a password list to access your personal data. We’ve made a list with some of the most common passwords, and if you find yours on the list, start by replacing it as soon as possible for your own safety.

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1 thought on “9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs”

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    How about using as a password the name of a distant relative or a place you’ve never been to that you find easy to remember e.g. Antarctica999. Probably no one will guess this is your password.


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