9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs

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4. 696969

It’s ridiculous how many people choose the password 696969. Who was the first to speculate that this number would be one that no one else could possibly guess? Even though it may come across as juvenile, it is actually utilized all over the world.


I’m going to count to ten, and until then, I want all of you who thought that “DEFAULT” was a great idea for a password to change it as soon as possible. Why? The pertinent question might be, “Why not?” Besides being so common (yes, more than 35% of the population is using this word as their main password, even for banking accounts), it’s also not safe to use.

However, instead of using a password that’s as simple as this one or a default-generated password that’s so easy to hack, use strong words with a combination of numbers next to them. You’re not that sure how to set a strong password for your account? Keep reading because in the next pages we will give you some cues on how to create a password that nobody will ever guess.

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1 thought on “9 Passwords You Should Avoid at all Costs”

  1. How about using as a password the name of a distant relative or a place you’ve never been to that you find easy to remember e.g. Antarctica999. Probably no one will guess this is your password.


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