Donald Trump: 4 Legal Accusations That Might Lock Him Up NOW

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2. The Mar-a-Lago Case

The Department of Justice is investigating the removal of sensitive government documents from the White House, which were then transferred to President Trump’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, after he left office. Prosecutors are assessing how these classified documents were stored and who may have had access to them.

The former chief of state’s sprawling beachside mansion was searched in August 2022, and more than 10,000 documents were seized, including about 100 marked as “top secret.”

We obviously know very little about the content of those documents. But classified material usually contains sensitive information that officials feel could cause damage to national security if made public.

While Trump has denied wrongdoing, branding the investigation as a “witch hunt,” he has never addressed the key question of why those documents were at his Florida property in the first place.

This is an active criminal investigation and is likely to result in charges being filed. Among other legal implications, the Justice Department believes that Trump may have violated the Espionage Act by keeping sensitive government information that could be used to injure the country.

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