Does The US Still Import From Russia?

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The war Russia started against Ukraine is not over yet. There are thousands of people killed in this atrocious war, both military members and civilians. There were a lot of meetings and negotiation attempts to stop these things, but with no positive results.

There are people from Ukraine who say that Putin’s wish is to exterminate their population and country. There are others who believe that Putin wants to reform the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), also known as the Soviet Union.

The majority of countries discussed and came up with several methods to try and stop the war. They are no longer allowing Russian banks to use SWIFT, they imposed sanctions on several politicians and oligarchs, they forbid dollar transactions and so many other things.

As we all know, Russia is one of the most popular and essential energy suppliers in the world and the biggest exporter of natural gas. There are many countries that used to trade products with Russia, but they decided to let go of the services after Ukraine’s invasion.

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