7 Famous Russian Millionaires Who Are Losing Money In The US

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Since Vladimir Putin and his army attacked Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, the majority of countries announced several sanctions against the Russian president, many oligarchs, and the region itself.

They thought that doing so might determine Putin to stop his catastrophic war, but that didn’t happen. The Russian leader became even more determined to succeed with his extreme plans.

However, politicians from other regions still try to come up with diplomatic solutions to end the war which has made thousands of victims already. For instance, the White House announced that they will come up with even more sanctions against the most popular oligarchs in Russia, which are linked to Vladimir Putin.

This means that there are 7 people and their family members who will suffer from being cut off from the United States’ financial system. As a result, their US assets will be frozen and they won’t be able to use their properties anymore.

In order to protect US visas, the country is planning on sanctioning 19 oligarchs along with their families and business partners. In today’s article, we will discuss more about this subject and we will find out who these 8 famous Russian oligarchs who are losing money in the US are.

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