New Year’s Superstitions That You Should Try This Year

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I have no idea when the time has passed. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating 2020, and here we are, two years later, waiting for a new beginning. December is not just a month about presents but it is actually the period when people are reflecting on their past. They are setting goals, making new years resolutions, hoping that they will become better versions of themselves.

But enough with this conversation! Let’s change the subject a little bit, because who says that December has to be so serious? Especially the last day. Let me ask you something first: do you think that you are a resourceful person? I hope so because if you really are, it means that you are willing to discover and try each and every route that will give you the success you want.

This brings us to traditions and superstitions. Who cares how crazy and weird they may sound? Just answer this simple question: would you rather skip them and feel sorry, or try them out and have a good laugh? Even if that means wearing red on New Year’s Eve and walking around ladders, never under them. You might name it paranoia, I call it precaution. Or not a precaution, just a way to have fun.

All the legends and actually even many people say that a positive mindset will bring positive things into your life. This doesn’t mean that if you will be happy every day of your life nothing bad will happen. Bad things can happen even though you don’t think negatively, but you will have a different perspective. Speaking of the last day of the year, this is the perfect time to make amends with the people you made upset, or maybe cut off a relationship with someone who was not sparking joy in your life. Who wants to embark on another journey without feeling 100% good?

On top of this important New Year ritual – being positive – there are many popular traditions from several countries around the world that might just bring you all the good vibes and good luck you will need in the new year.

From things to wear on this special night to foods you should eat, the next year should be the best one, if these practices were to work 100%. Might be placebo, might not, but why not try?

Without further ado, it’s time to stop beating around the bush, let’s see all of these quirky superstitions!

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