12 Things You Should ALWAYS Have in Your Bag

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The things that people keep in their bags say a lot about them and about their lives. Nowadays, we can say that it doesn’t matter where you are going or what your plans are for the day, because everyone, regardless of age or gender, carries a bag with them. Whether it’s a purse, a clutch, or a mini backpack, all of us need a few things to have on hand for when we are not home.

If you ask me, I always keep my wallet, keys, ID, phone, sunglasses, tissues, and a book wherever I go. With age, things keep changing, and we may have to add work-related items, such as a pen, a notebook, and even a laptop and a charger.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always tried (sometimes I succeeded, sometimes not) to walk the line between carrying a few items that I actually need on a daily basis and not walking around with 15 pounds of a bag full of “just in case” stuff.

If you are like me and are still figuring out which things are actually essential to keep in your bag, then this article is for you!

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